Sunday, January 1, 2017

The first visitor of the year!

The Greeks have an interesting tradition which takes place on the 1st of January. According to the tradition, someone with good luck, visits your house, in order to bring good luck to the household. The person visiting the house for the first time of the year (known in Greek as podariko) states that that person has to ring the bell or knock on the door, and not open the door with keys. According to one view, that person has to bring a pomegranate, which he brakes upon entering the house.

Whoever does the podariko has to enter the house with his right leg. Then the family has to give that person, who brought luck to their household, something to drink, something to eat – preferably a cake – and if it is a child, the norm is to give some money. It is an interested tradition followed by many Greeks in both Greece and in the diaspora. 

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